Visitor's Responses.....from our visitor's book

Akshar is a school with a difference and a school which cares. This is because the focus here is not only Education but in also bringing out the best in every child. Children feel they are part of one big family where they all work hand in hand. The world will be a happier and more beautiful place if there are more schools like Akshar

I am so very inspired by all the work you do, the community feeling, the commitment. A life changing experience which only a truly educational spirit can bring about.
Sujata Sen - British Council

Nobody can perfect perfection - but your sincere efforts have proved that you have. It is a privilege to be here.
TTC - Loreto House

I have long felt that my generation has failed those who came after us - witness the mess we have made of our education. There are two consequences of this -
1) My admiration and praise for those of you who give so much of your time and energy and if I may say so encourage the imagination and the formation of character of those in your charge.

2) The other is a personal commitment. The Statesman and I am ready and willing to make up for this neglect.

The children should look upon The Statesman as a friend. They are welcome anytime they choose to come. God bless you all!
Cushrow Irani - The Statesman